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Happy Fall Season!!

I hope you’re all doing great! Today I bring you a mini review of Sally Hansen Miracle Gel polish! Like all other gel polishes, this one promises the shine, look, feel, and durability of a regular gel mani but without the use of a UV/LED lamp.


Pros: The color is gorgeous! It’s opaque with one coat and has a high shine all on its own. It dries fairly quickly and isn’t thick or sticky.

I wanted to see if the polish would start lifting or chipping faster if I used a base coat. So, on one hand I used a base coat and on the other I used the polish on its own. To my surprise, the polish reacted exactly the same on both hands. I had no chipping or lifting on the edges of my nails that had the base coat.

The Sally Hansen Miracle Gel topcoat makes the shine last longer than the Kiss New York Gel Strong polish. By the end of a full week of wear, there little chipping on the edges of my nails, so I really liked that.

Cons: Although the nail polish lasted a week on my nails without visible chipping and the shine never dulled, there was a big “uh-oh” moment during the removal process. This nail polish stained the hell out my nails. Even after doing all the possible DIYs out there on Pinterest, I still couldn’t get the blue color off of my nails and surrounding skin. Yep. I had blue finger tips for almost two days. No bueno. The color removed easily but it most definitely left its mark behind.

Overall I give this polish four out of five stars. Everything was as promised but the staining of my nails was the big whoops that made me come to the decision of never using this specific color again.

What do you think? Have you tried this polish out before? If so, any recommendations for specific nail polish colors you love? Till next time!



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