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Today I share one of my favorite manis from this summer. I don’t know what it is about an all white mani that screams “summer” to me. I sported and all white mani for a good portion of the summer and every time I had to remove it, it made me feel a little bit sad.

The nail polish I wore the most was by a brand that although not new to me, was new in the sense of having a new addition to it’s brand. I came across the Kiss New York Gel Strong Nail Polish collection at my no-so-local Kmart. You’ve probably seen the press on nails, the eyelashes, eyelash adhesive, and some nail polish trios. This was the first time I had seen the Kiss brand with any gel polish line. I immediately fell in love with the colors and decided to give the polishes a try. Each polish was around $4 so I bought a deep blue (KNP19 Envy Me) polish and, of course, a crisp white polish (KNP30 Smoothie). I also purchased the top coat to give the whole gel process a try.

The color on my nails is called Smoothie. It took two coats to fully become opaque and dried fairly quick for a polish that claimed to be “gel” level. This line promises full 14 days of wear without chipping and high shine. My nail polish didn’t last 14 days, however, it did last 6 days without any noticeable chipping. As for the “high shine” that was promised, I can say that it didn’t make any lasting impression on me. The top coat was not my favorite. It took about 30 minutes to fully dry and even then, it fully set within two hours. I won’t be using the top coat again, but I will most definitely be using the polishes again. I might even go back and purchase a few of the other polishes.

Overall, I give these polishes two thumbs up. They were easy to apply, opaque with two coats, dried quickly, didn’t stain my nails, and removed easily with regular non-acetone nail polish removal.

Let me know what you think and if you’ve tried these polishes. Till next post!