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Hi guys!! Happy Monday!! I hope your day has been great! If you still have a case if the Monday blues, just think about how you made it through another day (almost, there’s still some hours in the day left). 😉

Today I bring you a mani where I individually set each glitter speck, if we can call them that. I have seen some pretty amazing glitter placement manis, but I had no idea what it took to achieve the end results. Let me tell you, it is really frustrating. I almost pulled my eyelashes out. I’m kidding of course, but not really. I ended up doing both my hands and by the end I was about to cry because I made it through without dying!

I have had this little container of diamond shaped glitter specks for the longest time and had never done anything with it. So when I was in the process of deciding wether to change my polish of paint something on my nails, this little container caught my eye. *cue the facepalm* I’m going to stick with the original idea from when I first purchased the container, to add it to a nail polish. I don’t think glitter placement will be in my bear feature. And if it is, it will be limited to maybe one or two nails!
Well, that’s it. I hope you liked this mani and if you haven’t already, check me out on Instagram, you can click on my name and it will lead you to the direct link! I’m almost nearing 200 followers and that means that a giveaway will soon be in order! 🙂
Till next time!