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Hi guys!! Welcome to Beauty Tuesday!! Today is all about braids! Is it me, or are braids like the biggest trend for hair this summer? I have seen sooo many tutorials on Youtube and repins on Pinterest about the lovely summer braids. On my last beauty post, which you can see by clicking here, I did a “monthly favorites” post and mentioned that my go-to hairstyle for the month May was a Queen Elsa meets Katniss Everdeen side braid. This month, I ventured with two feet in the right side of the bed into the world of braids!

After watching tons of videos on Youtube and endless pins on Pinterest, I felt brave enough to try out different braided hairstyles. I learned how to do dutch braids, 4,5, and 6 strand braids, different variations of the waterfall braid, and a couple of others that are spin offs of a dutch braid or french braid. The one hairstyle that just spoke to me was the milkmaid braid. I have always wanted to try it out but was too afraid that I would fudge it up and end up looking weird.


Peek-a-boo!! Milkmaid selfie!!

I followed the endless line of videos and posts I finally tried out the milkmaid hairstyle. Can I just say how awesome this hair style is! Can you say “humidity saver”!! I mean, my hair had NOO chance of looking like a loofah!! The milkmaid braid was a SCORREEE! After a couple of tries, I decided to change it up a bit. I did a regular braid on the left side and a fish tail braid on the right side. I pulled out the braids a bit to make my hair look thicker and BOOM! This is what I got! A sorta’ mix of textures. I liked it better this way.


Well, I hope the top of my head didn’t scare you away! 😉  I leave you with a list of links to channels on Youtube that really helped me out with my braiding skillz! What are your favorite hairstyles for summer? I’ll see you mañana!


Youtube channels that helped me with my braid skills:

Fancy Hair

Abby Smith

Lilith Moon