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Hi guys!!! Happy Saturday and welcome to the third installment of Nail Art Feature Saturday #3!! Yay!! I’m so excited for this weeks post because it has a little bit of everything!  I hope you enjoy these lovely works of art by fellow nailartists on Instagram. If you would like to see the last two posts of Nail Art Feature Saturday, the links will be down below! This week, I’m featuring @fancyphalanges, @tipsandtopcoat, @nailgenius, @veryelienails, @seizethenail, and @mireyaaxo. If you haven’t already, go check them out because these ladies are truly talented. That’s it for today! I hope you enjoy this weeks post! Have a great weekend.


Nail Art Feature Saturday#1

Nail Art Feature Saturday #2


I love me a good ol’ polka dot mani! Just look at these nails! How cute are they! I love the color combination and the added the bow makes it that much more precious. I love the versatility of this mani; it’s perfect for any occasion.


I love this cut-out mani! It’s so edgy and perfect! I like how different it is; it stands out and that’s what I like about it.


Just look at how scrumptious this mani looks! I love everything about it. I just love how colorful and perfect for summer these nails are!


This multichrome mani is beyond cool. Elie used I Love Nail Polish varnishes to achieve this tape mani. It is truly unique and the nail polishes she used really give the entire look an extra edginess.


This was a Father’s Day mani that just made my heart melt! I actually remember watching The Lion King in theaters; I sat on my dad’s lap throughout the entire movie. So you see why I love this so much! This is art to perfection and the recreation is spot on. This mani is truly amazing.


These nails are ready for those hot summer days where all you want is an ice cream cone or Popsicle. I just love how bright the colors are and how different they all are.