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Hi guys!! Happy Monday!! Remember: happy thoughts for poor ol’ Monday! The weekend will be here soon enough! 😉

Today I’m sharing a quick little review of O. P. I. ‘s Moon Over Mumbai nail polish. I recently purchased this baby at Marshall’s for $4! Yep! $4!!

I squealed a little to loud in the store when I came across the bowls filled with nail polish. Don’t judge me, okay?

I purchased it because I don’t have a color like this in my collection of 150+ bottles of nail polish. I know. “How is that even possible?”, you say. It is, okay! Remember, don’t judge me. I bought it and immediately decided that my next mani would star this color.
This is a gorgeous light gray (or is it grey?) with a subtle sheen. The first coat shows the sheen a lot more because the base color is sheer enough that it is downplayed by the shimmer. The second coat really brings up the color and tones down the shimmer.


I know this is mostly an autumn or even winter color, but I just love how it compliments my olive skin tone perfectly. It doesn’t wash me out and make my hands look like a washed out zombie. This polish will be used quite a bit this summer. Well that’s it! Make sure to check out the hashtag #manimonday on Instagram to see other nailartists manis! A beauty related post is coming up tomorrow! Till then! 😀