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Hello everyone! I am finally posting my favorite nail polishes of 2013! Yay!! It’s a bit late, I know, but I wasn’t going to pass this up because I really wanted to share my favorites from 2013.

I’ve decided to break my favorite nail polishes into three parts. Part 1 (which is this post) is going to be about my favorite glitter top coats. Part 2 is my nail polish favorites and Part 3 is all about my favorite nail care products of 2013.


Well, getting started with Part 1: Glitter Top Coats, I have here my most reached for glitter top coats of 2013. The list is as follows:
Row 1
Left: Wet n Wild- Kaleidoscope
Right: Milani Nail Lacquer- Gems

Row 2
Left: Sephora by O. P. I. – Come to Pappa- razzi!
Right: NABI Nail Lacquer- Metallic New Gold

Row 3
Left: KleanColor- Chunky Holo Purple
Right: Revlon- Girly

All of these glitter top coats could be build up to completely cover the nail, but to get to a fully covered glitter nail, it takes about 3-4 coats of a densely packed glitter top coat. This is how I wore them most of the time.

I don’t have swatches of them on my nails, but instead I hope you enjoy a macro shot of the top coats for a closer look and a small note for each!

Wet n Wild- Kaleidoscope
This is perfect for a slight shimmer. It can be built up for a more dense glitter effect, but it won’t look like It does in the bottle.


Milani Nail Lacquer- Gems
This is truly a full on gem! It takes 3 good coats to get your nails fully covered with glitter. I absolutely love this glitter top coat. It’s been a favorite of mine for the last 2-3 years. The glitter tends to settle and stick once the polish becomes too old.


Sephora by O. P. I. – Come to Pappa- razzi!
Ok, so this glitter top coat was used for everything! From my nails to diy projects. I loved using this top coat over Sephora by O. P. I. in Give Peach a Chance. To me, it is the perfect combination!


NABI Nail Lacquer- Metallic New Gold
This was another polish that I used for everything, especially DIY projects. This can be built up to fully cover a nail but it won’t be super glittery like any other glitter. It’s my perfect go-to gold tone glitter.


KleanColor- Chunky Holo Purple
Hold the phone for this one! If you don’t have this top coat in your collection, you must! This holo glitter top coat is AMAZING! It has been my ultimate favorite nail polish for 3 years! I found it at a swap meet for $1!! (My mom found it actually. She said “hey that’s pretty” and then I bought it!) Look at that glitter! Gorgeous over any light, pastel nail polish!


Revlon- Girly
I know this is more if a regular nail polish, but the pink base is really sheer and I like to build this puppy up in 3-4 coats just to get it to look like in the bottle. The name is befitting to this polish; from the base color to the colors of the hexagon glitter flakes, this polish is truly girly.


Well, that was it! I hope you enjoyed Part 1 of my 2013 Nail Polish Favorites series! Till next time!