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Happy Saturday everyone! I hope your weekend is going great! Today I’m showing you one of my top ten favorite nail varnishes of all time. This is Chestnuts About You by Sephora by O. P. I.
I bought this polish about two years ago during the holidays, and it took me about 3 trips to my local Sephora to get it. I fell in love with it the moment I saw the tester bottle on display. In my eyes it was like liquid rose gold! Gorgeous! I had to have it. I can wear this polish with everything and for any occasion. It is truly a liquid rose gold tone.
What gives it that metallic feel, is the mixture of the light pink/ champagne glitter with really fine silver glitter. You really can’t tell it’s a mixture of those two without getting an “in your face” macro shot, otherwise it just looks like a rose gold.

I hope you enjoy this simple mani as much as I do! Have a great rest of your weekend!Till next time!